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Blackthorn Lane to be re-opened

We have received a very welcome Christmas present from the Planning Inspectorate in the form of a decision to confirm the order adding Blackthorn Lane, the path that runs between Whitworth Road cemetery and the gardens of houses in Kennet Avenue, to the definitive map.    This follows a local inquiry at the end of November at which our footpath secretary, Peter Gallagher, presented the case for the order.    Kennet Avenue residents objected.

This marks the successful culmination of 3 years work by the Seven Fields Conservation Group and ourselves after Swindon Borough Council closed the path in 2014.     They should never have done so, as research revealed that the Council had concluded as long ago as 1990 that the path had acquired public right of way status as a result of regular use by the public.    We expect the path to be re-opened in January.

Facebook - Introduction & Guidelines

Facebook Guidelines

As mentioned in our recent Newsletter some guidelines for using our Facebook page have now been created. These are intended to support existing members in using & publishing to Facebook but also provide an understanding of why we have a page and what needs to be considered when asking to or publishing new posts.

Any Questions please contact Keith our WebMaster. 

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Rights of Way Information - March 2017

Level Crossing Closures.

We are in discussion with Network Rail (NR) about their proposals to close or divert several footpaths which cross the railway because of electrification. At South Marston, the FP5 crossing will be replaced by a footbridge. The FP6 crossing will be closed and the path diverted to join FP5. We are content with these proposals. At Studley Grange, NR have applied to close the Studley West crossing (FP LTRE1) with no alternative provided. This footpath crosses the tracks at an oblique angle and is clearly unsafe; it has not been usable for a number of years. The Studley East crossing (FP LTRE5) is also unusable at present because of a temporary closure order. NR’s proposal here is to divert the footpath via the Hay Lane overbridge. We are awaiting more information before deciding whether to object. The church crossing at Great Bedwyn (FP GBED6) needs to be moved for a different reason; to allow NR to extend the siding to accommodate longer trains. The proposals for this crossing seem acceptable in principle; we await more details. You can let us know what you think about any of these proposals by contacting [Footpath Secretary e-mail address].

Highworth Neighbourhood Plan.

We were pleased to learn that the independent inspector who examined the draft neighbourhood plan for Highworth has endorsed the inclusion in the plan of the need to improve the rights of way network in several places around the town where it is necessary to walk along busy roads to get from one footpath to another. We will support the Town Council in seeking ways to achieve these improvements.